Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer on the roof

I think we may possibly have the coolest bedroom ever. It's got these two massive windows that overlook the tops of the trees. (We're on the second story) Literally, it looks like the forest, and these rays of sunshine peek in, joined by a slight breeze. We decided it felt like a treehouse, so that's how we painted it. Green and light blue, with hints of chocolate brown that Jesse declared "looked like trees". Thereby making it our treehouse.

But get this, the best part is the roof access that leads directly from one of said windows, which I currently am enjoying. It's warm, the neighborhood children are screaming, dogs barking, gangsta music blaring from pimped-out cars, trains faithfully sounding, but it's my little bit of hideaway. Other than that, it's pretty secluded.

I plan on enjoying this fully this summer.