Friday, March 18, 2011


It's hard to believe I am on the home stretch of Bible College. Only 4 months left. :)

Starting April 1st this is what my life will be:

1. Romans 
2. Colossians
3. The Epistle's of John (1,2,3 John)
4. Major Bible Doctrines (aka "Theology")
5. Practical Christian Ministry (Which is a fancy way of saying, "free labor". lol. I will be an intern at our church in the Worship Arts Department! yay!)

Busy, busy. But I am looking forward to it. 

PS: I have been extremely crafty lately. Pictures will follow. I've been working on a beautiful strand of paper bunting for some friends who are having a baby. I can't reveal it until after she's born though, her name's a secret! My next project is to re-paper the inside of a beautiful old trunk that has been passed down to us from Jesse's ancestors. "Ancestors" makes them sound ancient, but in reality, it's origination was probably less than 50 years ago. ha. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about heritage, more specifically, my family's heritage. This was all sparked from a recent conversation with my Great Grandpa, who is 95 this year! 95. Let's put it in perspective a little.

2011-95=1916. He was born in 1916 (roughly, I don't know the exact date, but hope to find out).

1916. I can't even imagine what the world must have been like then. It's almost like he has this secret knowledge that I can only get through him. I'm starting to have an appreciation for history and am fascinated by what he must have experienced. I mean, I know some basic history of what our country has gone through since then, but his specific experiences must have had some impact on even the way my life has gone. I really want to sit down with him and write down some of the milestones in his life, and get to know him better.

It reminds me of what a rich heritage we have in Christ. His experiences and His life have left a legacy that is ours to grasp. Everything that He said and did is now in my lineage as His child. Just as our earthly families have bequeathed us some precious treasures in this life, Christ has left us His riches and glory. It's magnificent to stop and think of these treasures.

I think some of the things we own ironically describe our lives. For instance, when we first got married, all we had was basically given to us. We really didn't have much of our own. We were eating on plastic plates with 100 year old silver cutlery that I inherited from my Pappy (Grandma's Dad, aka Great Grandpa). While we by worldly American standards seem poor, we are so rich in blessings. Spiritual blessings. Blessings of love and family. Blessings of friends and fellowships. And yes, we have some lovely earthly treasures with rich family history that really mean a lot to me.

I am learning everyday that we are so blessed and so rich. I am thankful for running water, shelter and food in my stomach. I am thankful for my wonderful family and the sacrifices and joys that they have passed down for us. More than all, I am thankful for my spiritual heritage and that I have eternal riches of grace and mercy.