Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Normal Family Christmas

I was thinking today about the website, My Life is Average [mlia for short]. It's where people post normal, average, everyday things that happen to them simply because, let's be honest, we all live average lives. For the most part, exciting and unbelievable things don't happen to us all everyday. 

This is my tribute to mlia. My average, normal, family Christmas. It was wonderful!

A smaller than average tree for a smaller than average apartment.

A normal photo of us on our Christmas Date.

Christmas Eve Service.

The totally normal candlelit hymn singing.

An average sisterly bond.

Our inability to take a normal photo...


A cat in a bag. Totally normal. 

A young Santa. 

And the always-fun torture of the kitten with a laser. 
Perfectly average. 

Annnnnnd, Lord of the Rings.

Last, but certainly not least. McGyver. Take a look at that hair, Ladies and Gentlemen. Take in its' full glory. I bet you wish you had hair half as good as my brother-in-law. [Also notice the I heart Justin Bieber bracelet.] 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!