Monday, June 18, 2012

Recent Adventures

Second Anniversary Day-Adventure to Put-In-Bay Island. 
AKA "Midlife Crisis Island"
We were much too young. 
And sober.
Apparently we didn't get the memo. 
ah, well. 
Made for some good memories and great laughs. 

On the way over

This is what two years married looks like. 

Profile shot!

We obeyed. It was nasty. 

Oh you know, just waiting. 

Catching a breeze. 

My favorite. 

Second favorite shot of the day. :)

If the Lord wills...

It's definitely summer! Today is exactly as a June day ought to be in the might midwest. Upper 80's and scorching with sunshine and humidity. We lay by the pool for most of the day and both received lobster-esque sunburns to show for it. (Although I got off easy, just one shoulder and a part of one leg.) Not to shabby! Trying to get a nice base tan before we head off to the lake in NC for my cousin's wedding in 2 weeks. The goal was to prevent sunburn then. Fail.

A lot is changing here. For all of us. We just received news that our Head Pastor for the last nine years has resigned and is moving on to another church. This is quite a shock and an emotional time since we are personally so close to him and his family, his two eldest sons and their wives are some of our very close friends. Jesse being on staff at the church, we're not too sure what all the changes will bring for us, and specifically him. We know that we want to be here to help ease the pain and difficulty of the transition. I can honestly say I love my church and these people and I desperately do not want to leave them, but I do not know what the Lord wills for our future. 

We've been feeling like the tides were turning even before this announcement and didn't really like it or know what to do with it, since neither of us is really itching to move or leave. Ha, the irony. That we should finally be desiring to STAY in our cozy little home and community of friends and of course God wants to shake it up. Honestly, we don't know what's next. We just know we're not shooting down opportunities and being willing to have open hands with all our plans, and even committed to making plans for the next step if that's what He so chooses. 

Pray for our church, the body and community, that we would come together in unity and perseverance as we wait on the Lord to appoint us a new leader. Pray for grace, that we would be gracious with one another, patient and kind. Pray for wisdom for the staff, the board and the members as we come together in the decision-making of applicants for the position. Pray for peace for those on staff who are uneasy and fearful. And most of all, pray that God's work would continue on, stronger and more poignant in the lives of all who call our church home.