Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tonight My Heart is Heavy

Received news today that an old classmate of mine from my college in Germany passed away this morning in a tragic car accident. 

It's kind-of surreal actually. Not that we were all that close, but we had some really good memories, and he actually travelled through the country and stopped in my town to preach and be involved in what God was doing here. I think more than anything it's hard to comprehend, I just think, oh yeah, I know all my friends are spread out over the country, but they're still there. And in some small way, that's comforting, knowing they are just there. But this is very different... I don't think I was prepared for any of my classmates to die. Especially given how young we are. 

It is comforting to know that he lived fully unto the Lord and spent these past few years loving people and  doing God's work. To be honest, I'm sure he's gleefully enjoying himself and rooting us all on now that he has the privilege and joy of being united with the Father. In reality, we ought to be jealous that he is surrounded by the company of the Trinity! :) 

It gets me thinking though. Taking stock of really where I am in life. Not that I'm really doing anything "bad" or "wasteful" or whatever it is people think we ought not to be doing. It's just... am I REALLY living for the glory of the King and taking every moment I can to spread His love? Is there more of myself, my heart that I can offer up to my God? I just want to please my God and not waste my life on endless, worthless endeavors. So much of my time gets filled with never-ending chores. Whatever my hand finds to do, may I do it wholly in a manner that praises God.

It's about a life filled with the fruit of the Spirit, a fruit of HIM. 
Not a fruit of me.
Not even close. 
Not of works, for then we all could boast. 
But of grace. 

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!