Sunday, November 20, 2011

Season of Upheavel

Everything is changing! So much happening this month-ish. 

Jesse had a birthday! Wahoo, 25. My old man. :) We had a nice evening together, watching a movie at the local Dollar Theater. (which, by the way is now $2: false advertising!) We watched the movie "In Time" and it was actually really good and interesting. The people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, and when you work, you earn 'time' instead of money and however much you earn is how long you get to live. Like I said, interesting. And fitting to watch on Jesse's 25th!

My in-laws are in the middle of a massive move this week, as they have decided to move on the infamous Black Friday. dun dun dun. They're actually moving to the same street my mom lives on, so it will be great to have family in town, and more company for my Mom. :)

And, now, on to more exciting news, we have finally found an apartment! Yay! PTL. It's been a long time coming and a hard battle, but it is now finally becoming a reality. It seems like it is all happening at once, and in such a sloppy, non-organized manner that I know it must be the Lord calling us out onto the waves. For the German in me is screaming in terror and shaking at not having all the answers lined up and all the necessary precautions taken care of. Fortunately I have an amazing husband who is lovingly supporting me through all my mental turmoil. I am so grateful he is patient when I am doubtful and fearful. 

Apart from the fact that we still lack a table and chairs, I believe we have everything we absolutely need to be able to sustain life on our own four feet. (ha) 

AND, I also have an interview coming up to work at a local department store in the cosmetics department. How fun! This is an especially good opportunity since our condo is literally right behind the mall, so I could walk there in two minutes. I am also applying for another position as a part-time secretary, so we will see what turns up. If all else fails, I am still babysitting part-time, so that is much needed income. My old job in the bowling alley restaurant basically asked for me to come back, and I politely evaded the question as I value my sanity and my health. It was all I could do to not run away screaming. (To be fair it wasn't THAT bad, just extremely stressful and dramatic.)

Did I mention our apartment has a pool! Yippee! Free summertime entertainment. :) It also has a club room that we can reserve at no cost, so we would be able to hold larger gatherings and parties if we want to. 

So much is changing, and I hope for the better. It's just all happening at once, in a great muddy mess. It will be a wonderful blessing to have our own home. To be able to retreat and be together. To be able to grow as a couple and make memories in our own space. I'm so stoked at the possibilities of making it our home, decorating and putting our personal touch on it. 

Please pray for us during this time...
That we remain trusting in God,
That our finances will be in order and sufficient for our needs,
That our marriage would only grow and increase in sweetness as we walk through these trials,
That I would find a great job that works with my schedule and ministries, 
That Jesse would receive a much needed raise, and
That our home would be a place to fulfill many needs. 

Thanks to all of you who have already prayed so much for us! We are so grateful for your friendship and support. We are ecstatic to be able to finally have a home!