Friday, April 26, 2013

Cruise Highlights

We escaped the cruel harsh winter for the week to head off to Jamaica and the Grand Caymans. It was definitely good timing as it was snowing right as we left. And by the way, you're all welcome for the sunshine we brought back with us! :)

It was kind-of an early anniversary trip since Jesse had a bunch of vacation days to use up before May or he would lose them. Soooo, we had to go on vacation. 

Carnival Victory

Some of the highlights were of course  the food! Fantastic entree's and even better desserts. And somehow there soft serve ice cream was even better than anything I've tried yet. It could have been the 90-plus degree weather, but all the same, delicious. 

We loved climbing the Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rio's Jamaica. Sadly, no photos as we would have never been able to keep the camera dry. We were up to our waists in water, and had to form a human chain to get our whole group up the falls. Filled with lots of laughs though! Strangely enough, we saw a woman climbing up in her wedding dress! Daring! 

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The shows were fantastic. Well done with sets and lighting, live band and singers. The singers were absolutely phenomenal. The woman could sing everything from Shania Twain, to Madonna and finally Elvis. Flawless. One of the funniest nights was the marriage show, Newlywed style, where they bring three couples up and ask them all questions to compare the answers. A really good laugh, and an older man named Albert totally stole the show. Props to him and his wife for having a happy 49 years of marriage! 

We found a mermaid that looked like Liam Neeson. See below. 

We sunned ourselves a lot on the deck of the ship. Even watched some "Dive-in-Movies" on a giant screen over the pool. There was also a dance party and midnight Mexican Buffet one night. That was interesting...

The trip back ended up taking around 15 hours and was pretty exhausting, but we are back home safe and sound from an amazing time at Sea! Definitely had an enjoyable time detaching from work and responsibilities. These will be good memories for us for ages to come!
Our Favorite Place on Board, a double sized Hammock!

Cheers to nearly 3 years of marriage!