Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Sheep

I am the Black Sheep of the family. Tis' painfully true. If I weren't me, I wouldn't know what to do with me either.

Many mysterious and difficult things are happening in life. While I'm trying to see it as adventure, most days it feels like pain and endurance.

Nevertheless, the Word of the Lord is sustaining me. I love that it never changes. It's rock solid, and when I rest there, life pauses and I feel clear for those moments. Perspective grows and it's one more breath of life that I get to take uninhibited by the chaos which seeks my demise.

We've stepped out onto an invisible ledge, praying, that like Abraham, we too would uncover where we are going. God keeps giving us snippets of the vision, and the pieces are slowly forming an unconventional and possibly controversial way of life. Freedom please. Death to Babylon! May we enter the glorious Kingdom, and get so lost that we never find our way out.

Sound the trump! Herald us home!

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