Friday, November 12, 2010

Full Steam ahead!

Today is an excellent day! I have just received my acceptance to finish my Theology degree! Online! I am super stoked to get back into studying and learning. I have missed it, even though I've been trying my best to keep up on it. I've somehow managed to read 15 books this year, the 16th in progress. 

Even so, I am excited for another reason, flexibility. Finishing online allows me to make my own schedule and work around other responsibilities and other things I wish to do. Which means, if I need to take a few days off it's no big deal, cause I can make it up at my own pace. I have precisely 4 months to complete each course, and I can complete it earlier if I want to.

So this week I am going to try to get everything sorted and prepared to register for classes, which I think start on December 1st. 

I'm also in the middle of preparing some birthday treats for my husband, whose Birthday is the 18th! I'm pretty excited. It's also going to be our first holiday season together. :) Aw. This is the part where you get all teary-eyed and sentimental. haha. 

I hope you're all having an excellent day too!

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Veronica Louise said...

its our first holiday season together too... love it :)