Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm such a nerd.

Confession: I may have been battling some minor depression due to lack of stimulation for my intelligence. Yesterday when things didn't happen with my school I became super sad and brooding. That is how much I enjoy school and learning.

Alas! Today I successfully accessed all my classes, created a calendar with due dates for everything and formulated a game-plan for completion. Then, I began my first Biblical Counseling class and submitted my first week of notes. I'm already dreaming of hours spent at the library and ordering my Commentary. Bahaha. And long walks on the beach walking hand-in-hand with Chuck tracks...... er, just kidding about that last part. (You fellow CCBC'ers know what I'm talking about. )

But seriously, I feel like a successful human being today. Not that my worth is in what I do, but I've just been doing a whole lot of things that were unintelligent. I mean, I haven't learned all that much from deep-cleaning the house... except that I despise dusting. It's not exactly stimulating work, and I'd like to use my brain-cells once in a while.

I'm about to make my way to the mailbox to see if my books (or anything else interesting) has been deposited today. There's nothing like a bit of good news. :)

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