Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year

So much is changing right now. I feel as though our entire lives are in constant shifting and I can't keep up with all of it!

I've been trying to get a grasp on my studies, figuring out how many classes and all I need to finish, on top of working on all my studies. Jesse was also recently in a car accident, no injuries, PTL. Unfortunately this means the car is totaled and no more. :( It's a major bummer, but in a way, a blessing. It relieves some of the monthly financial stress, and, get this.... the debt! Jesse and I have been diligently praying that the Lord would move heavily on our finances in the way of debt. We truly believe it is good to "owe no man" and would sincerely like to live a debt-free life. This isn't the way we expected or wanted to really eliminate some of the debt, but we are grateful to be free of it. Now, to make the school debt vamoose and we will really be free! Currently, since I am not working it's fine to be down to one car, it just means I'm cooped up in the house all day. Pray for my sanity! I get a little stir crazy. I plan to start going to work with Jesse one day a week just for a change in scenery. We'll see how it goes.

Also, we are totally stoked to be a part of a new little Christian community that's just formed, called the Flame. I like to think of it as an experiment in revival. We have only a vague understanding of where it's going, we just show up and seek the face of the Lord, and every week He takes it in a new direction. Basically, our desire as a leadership team is to move towards a 24 hour prayer/worship room. Right now it's only a few hours every week, but it's clear that with time and more worship leaders it will expand! It's so exciting to be right at the start of a brand new work of the Spirit in this dry and weary land. One of the major things we have been seeking is the awakening of lost souls and the rekindling of love and desire for the Lord in the believers in the area. Also, the room we currently have faces the back of a newly planted abortion clinic, so there have been meetings and many prayers said for the abolishment of the establishment. I hope to connect with this group soon and see where I can get involved.

Meanwhile, the ladies Bible study has been moving forward in our studies on what it means to be a woman of God. It has so blessed me to prepare a weekly study and I am always so challenged by His word. We've covered an array of topics from work, marriage, resting, priestly ministry and next week we will be talking about our speech.

Dear friends and family, I miss you. I pray the love of Christ is dwelling in you all richly and that you are hearing Him daily. May we lay down our lives to receive the wonderful true Life He has for us.

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Connie said...

Beautiful ! I am happy to be a part of Flame ministry with you!
Love you