Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Brand New Spring

I feel Spring in my heart this week. Though it does have to do with the amazing weather! I made it through a few stressful weeks, through prayer and just barely hanging on to sanity. My schedule is crazier than last semester for sure.

All my classes have been amazing though. I feel like I am learning so much, especially in my Inductive Bible Study class. I am learning how to read the Bible through context and other clues and hints. It's something that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I just love getting into the text, asking those hard questions and discovering new things I never saw. It's incredible, and I want to teach others how to do it.

On another note, I feel like I have been put in the pressure cooker. Literally, stretched to the max, and convicted. The Lord is so faithful to teach us, and to forgive. I'm amazed at how perfect he is.

Time goes so quickly here, I almost feel like I've entered a new dimension. We are over halfway through the semester already!! And I go to Iraq in 16 days! So please don't forget to pray for us. I will be sure to post photos and an update when we get back to Germany!

May God bless you all with his presence and great weather! Love Spring!