Monday, February 23, 2009

Outreach to Iraq

Well everyone, I have some very exciting news! I have been given the awesome opportunity of being able to go to Iraq for a week for outreach this semester. AS it stands right now, I have almost all the money I need to go, but I am sure that the Lord will take care of the rest of the funds!

We are still in the middle of planning everything, and I am sure some things will change. Currently, we are a team of 6 people. Our leader is Wolfgang Jung, who is a teacher at the school, and was previously a missionary for twenty years in the Philippines, and has been to Turkey before. We are planning to fly into Turkey and travel the rest of the way by bus into Northern Iraq. We are meeting up with a ministry who provides heart surgeries for childen who need them but can't afford them. It is based out of Jerusalem. We will be visiting these families and checking up on the children who have already recovered. It is a Christian organization, but we are not sure how open we can be about Jesus, so we will see how much evangelism we can do. This means we will be traveling through many cities and visiting many families. They say there are more families than we can visit, so I am sure we will be quite busy.

So, that is the short version. Our team will be meeting regularly to pray and to research the culture and everything necessary to have a smooth trip. We would really appreciate your prayers.

Some things to focus on...
-Travel safety and smooth transitions over the borders.
-Finances for the entire team
-Unity as a team
-Pray we would have a passion for the people and a deep love for them
-For wisdom and cultural sensitivity

I will keep you posted on things to come!

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Connie said...

Hi Alisha, I like your blog & I sent it on to family members & friends. How exciting!! Love ya Mom