Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Berlin... reaching out.

It's that all, important time in the semester again. Headed on Outreach week starting on Saturday. We are going to take a wonderful, nine hour train ride across the country to Berlin. I am pretty stoked about this, as Germany is my favorite country ever. My team is 7 Germans, 2 Americans, and 1 Fin. So needless to say, I will be hearing a lot of German, and hopefully able to practice speaking more. We are going to a Calvary Chapel in Berlin to encourage the Pastor and do a lot of praying for the church and the city. It's a city full of Atheists, and some Muslims, so we will have a wide array of people to talk to. In the afternoons we will be going on the streets to talk to people, and playing soccer (YES!) with the kids. And, get this, I will be helping 2 other people lead worship... gasp. I'm kinda nervous about this. Please keep us all in your prayers, that God would use us to share the truth with people, and that we would really be help to the small church that is filled with people who really struggle. From what I understand a lot of the members in the church are new believers, so it will be a really good thing for us to come encourage them. Pray for smooth traveling on our many different train connections. Pray for great unity between the team and also with the church.

I am excited to see what God will do, and share stories with you all!

PS: It's been 20 years since the Berlin Wall fell! I hope to go see this, and other things on our last day there. Plus, the birthplace of Döner. Hello, does it get any better than cheap, delicious food mixed with history?


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