Monday, September 7, 2009

God spoiled me.

So I totally feel like God just hooked me up and spoiled me this semester. The blessings are immense. I have the best work duties ever!! Coffee Bar! So now I get to learn the fine art of espresso, and hang out in the cafe 12 hours a week. Thanks God. We had orientation today and I was quite pleased with my foam making skills. Hopefully they will be finely honed throughout the semester. :)

But seriously, I am blessed.

Classes started today. Woohoo! I love love love school, and studying and digging into the text and researching. And it can't get any better than studying what you love and what changes your life.

Sooooo... I am taking
The Gospel of Mark
Apologetics, (the reason and defense of the Christian faith. The same as a lawyer defending a client, for example)
James for Women
Missionary Biographies
and Missions

Which is a pretty sweet line-up and I am totally stoked about it.

I am praying for happy studies and sweet devotion times for you all with the Lord. Maybe I will post some of my exciting studies. We will have to see... Ciao.

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