Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lest we forget...

Today was a good day. Happy Kelsey's Birthday everyone! It was my roommates Birthday today, so to celebrate we went to Köln today, to see the 5 Christmas Markets that are there. So I played tourguide/translator as best as I could and led a delighted group of girls around the city that was originally an old Roman Colony. We saw many beautiful things, humongous Christmas trees, ate a massive amount of German goodies and had great fellowship.

This is something everyone should experience at least once.

While we enjoyed the magical experience, the Starbucks, and all the other shiny things there was an impactful end to our night. We were ready to leave a little early, so I found a train that left before we had planned. Coming up the stairs to our platform, I looked left to see if the train was coming, and it was. There was one major problem, an older man had fallen on the tracks. Why, we don't know, but we can only speculate that he tripped or slid or fell. The train was slamming on its' brakes, and three men were on the tracks, picking him up and hoisting him over to a few other men. He looked unconscious. Limp, with a gash about 6 inches long and four inches wide on his head. His head must have broken his fall. They were successful in getting him up and the train was able to stop in plenty of time. Thank God. And for a few breathless moments, all we could say was, "Jesus". Our immediate reaction was to pray, and while we couldn't think of what to pray, and were in a state of shock, we watched and prayed while this man's grown son cradled him in his arms, crying and asking for medical help. People ran for the first aid kit and paramedics. After we began praying, the man began regaining consciousness and moving. To our extreme relief. His head would not stop gushing. By the time we were boarding our train, his head was bandaged and the paramedics had set him up and were taking him for medical attention. We were all pretty shaken and continued praying for him and his family.

It stirred us, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship afterward, trading stories of how good God has been to us all. I love hearing those special testimonies of how God has provided, saved, comforted, healed and protected his people. I don't think 2 hours has ever gone so quickly in my life. We were united, by the blood of Jesus and the testimony of a God who is very involved in our lives. I feel like I needed today, to hear those stories, and to reflect on all those times God has intervened in a special way.

Let us praise him, Lest we forget Him. For he is amazing, and no one can compare to our great God. I love him. I hope you do too.

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