Thursday, March 4, 2010

... It's been a long time.

After much deliberation and prayer, I've returned to the city of my birth. I left much unfinished when I dashed away a few years ago. There are so many lessons knocking on my door, as if to say, "Learn me now?" 

After recovering from the initial, "What have I done?" shock, I've settled right back in. There's nothing like walking in your front door, smelling that homey scent and hugging your very proud mother. It's been a rewarding experience. 

So far, I've returned to work at the Bowling Alley (small-town, I know). I have had surprisingly good conversations with my coworkers, and I really know that this is where God wants me. As hard as it is, I am learning more about the heart of God for people in this job. I'm learning to serve, and I get to literally feel God's heart for the lost, and speak hope into the lives of people that are convinced that God hates them. It's war.

I have returned also to the church that I grew up in. It has gone through a major overhaul in the past 2 years, and it is a new place, where the passion of Christ is beginning to flow freely, and believers are seeing the undeniable hand of God. Plus, on Tuesday nights, they are having a class on the history of the Bible, which is like my very own piece of Bible College that I miss so dearly. 

I am also currently dating my best friend of 6 years, Jesse Wisener. Old news, but good news. We are experiencing the joy of God, and fellowship daily with the Lord in ways that are new and sometimes mind-boggling. I am watching as this is growing both my character and my trust in the Lord, leading me towards His heart. 

My dear Readers, I probably miss you, as you are all spread around the world. It satisfies my heart knowing that we share a future and a hope of eternal fellowship, for you are all so uniquely amazing. May God richly bless your day. 

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andrea k. said...

dear alisha,
it's good to read the Lord's giving you peace and contentment in simply abiding- dwelling in the land and feeding on His faithfulness, whatever you may lack or whatever may come up. i'm learning those same good lessons.
miss you lots. love, annie.