Thursday, April 22, 2010

Many New Beginnings

Today, I was hired on the spot at the only local Mediterranean restaurant in town. Pretty incredible actually, since I am in love with their food, and have been praying for a position there. I must say it's a lot more classy than the bowling alley, a completely different ball-game. I start tomorrow! 

The owner is a very professional and serious business man. He comes from Syria and is committed to serving only the freshest and most excellent food that he can produce (since he is also the chef). I happen to love this. If you haven't noticed, my recent affinity for food is now leading me down a very delicious line of profession. I hope to not only fall in love with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine even more, but to actually learn to cook it should the opportunity present itself.

So while I sit here poring over my homework (the menu) I find myself salivating in anticipation of my first shift. While I am nervous, I am very excited to be a part of such a fine restaurant. I like promoting local businesses, as well as promoting the renovation and reviving of our somewhat dilapidated downtown. I think this kind of atmosphere is exactly what we need around here. A little international flavor... oh, and better coffee. 

I am extremely blessed. The blessings just keep piling up this week, and I am in awe of how God takes care of me. My heart sings it's way down this new adventure. I never knew I could enjoy this town so much...

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He Took MY Last Name said...

YAY congratulations its been a very exciting past few weeks, hasnt it?!

Good luck tomorrow xoxo