Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cross-Country Honeymoon Extravaganza

That's right! We're off on our belated honeymoon! Yehaw!

We are packing up the car to leave any minute now. My husband is getting a power-nap before we kiss our Mommies goodbye for a week-ish. Since we are driving, and have zero obligations here right now, we have a super flexible schedule, which is awesome.

So, the plan is, get to CALIFORNIA! Can you see me beaming with excitement?! Well, first stop is to crash somewhere between here and there, nestled in the Rocky Mountains. We'll get some great coffee, explore for a bit, and then finish the drive to our B&B in southern California. Whew. I plan on finishing Harry Potter 7 on the way. chyeah....

So we frolick a few days there, visit a pretty amazing Calvary Chapel and drive on to meet up with some dear friends in a town nearby. We also want to visit another church there on Sunday with them. After that things are pretty flexible, so if we want to stay a bit longer and visit more friends we can. The final stop we are sure to make is in Texas on the way home. We're going to visit my Sister-in-law and all our energetic nephews and niece. Finally, we commence with the drive home,

Purposes of the Trip
1. Awesome Honeymoon
2. Relax
3. Spend much time searching and listening for God's direction.
4. Visit many good friends and family. Awesome fellowship and love!

Please pray for safe travels and that God would open a door for us in our future endeavors!

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