Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas

Was wonderful. We managed to get our two clans together to celebrate! I mean, seriously, who has in laws that get along?! So cool. Not only do we get along, we actually feel like family. Not awkward. I think it helps that we've all known each other so long. 

I know you're all wondering, "where's the pictures of the new apartment?!" Gosh, hold your horses. I have to clean the place first! I don't want to air my not-so-tidy living space out in the open for all the world to see. :P 

Random tangent: Funniest quote of the day, my boss declares he doesn't want his change of two pennies if they're not shiny because, "They'll be a disgrace to my pocket."

On another seemingly unrelated note, I tried a new product today at work. It's supposed to be like a pre-workout supplement/energy booster/ performance helper. Basically it tastes like tang, delicious. I apparently have little to no tolerance for caffeine because in no time I was amped up, shaky and giggling to myself for no reason! Seriously I couldn't stop laughing and I started tripping over stuff cause I was moving too fast. My manager was then quizzing me on some items I've recently learned and all my mind could think of at the end of my spiel was some ridiculous quote from Don't ask how my mind made the correlation, but they stood there, staring at me... dumbfounded. The stuff is brilliant. They day flew by and I never once felt tired. Can you say, wired? (judging by the state of this blog the effects still haven't worn off.)

Anyways. Now that I'm done being ADD. I shall recount some of this years loot from Christmas:

  • A crock-pot. (Yay! Someone to do the cooking for me. AND it's dishwasher safe, so I don't even have to wash it myself. How lazy is that? What can I say, I'm American...)
  • Some super fun crafting supplies, like paper cutters, crocheting needles. 
  • The Help (An AMAZING film, btw. Go, watch it now. Well, not now. After you're done reading of course!)
  • My S-I-L and her husband bought us a Wii! Yay, no more joint custody of the other one, and I can get back to wii-fit. My body is thankful, Tom and Amanda!
  • The mother of all gifts this year was a memory foam topper for our mattress! Halelujiah, we can sleep restfully again. The gift that keeps on giving. And lets be honest, sleeping is one my favorite parts of the day. My favorite past time just got better!

We are so blessed. 
OH, I'll have to post about our bible study's Crafty Christmas Party soon. I don't want to overwhelm you all right now. 

Hope that wherever you are, your Christmas was magical, filled with goodness and goodies. May your New Year be filled with passion, that whatever you do, that you do it your best. We're looking forward to a new year, full of new adventures, endeavors and less debt! Here's to changing the world in whatever way we can, loving people, and making our section of the world a little brighter and more beautiful as we go in the love of God. 


He Took MY Last Name said...

crochet hooks, dear... they are hooks, not needles. Needles are for knitting! That being said, get ready to get addicted to whatever yarn craft you got supplies for! I absolutely love crocheting.

And crockpots.

Sounds like you got amazing loot this year :)

sharon said...

a crockpot is an amazing gift! we got one for our wedding but I seriously NEVER used it and I am kicking myself for it now. ): we gave it away when we moved... someday I will have a crockpot and use it.