Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peaceful Movement

So far we've spent two nights in our new place, and all I can say is it sure is peaceful! All told it only took 2 hours to get everything moved in! Is that some kind of record? Well, unpacking took much longer. Even still, everything was unpacked and realtively "at home" by the end of the day. 

Yesterday we slept in, decorated for Christmas and hung all our art on the wall. Now it really feels like home. I keep walking around feeling like I'm still in a temporary location and then it hits me, I'm HOME. I can relax, spread out and be myself. It's an amazing feeling, being in your own space. I really feel like it's a reflection of Jesse and I as a couple. It's something we've never been able to do before. Even when we lived at the Elizabeth house it wasn't "us." It was a house with a lot of family history that we had grand plans for making it ours, but they were a long way off and way out of our budget. Now we have a cozy little ground floor apartment, painted fresh new colors and full of our artsy, whimsical style. [Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures soon, for all you who live too far to visit. Except for you Brian and Christie! You don't live too far away, so no excuses!]

It's just so cute. Don't believe me? Come for a visit! Seriously. We can't wait to entertain! Our first guests come over tomorrow night for a game night. Yay!

I'm just so happy. 
So blessed. 
God has taken such good care of us. He is faithful. 

OH. And I got a job yesterday. How crazy is that? Everything's working out. Hab kein angst. (Have no fear.)

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He Took MY Last Name said...

Hahah right, no excuses for us! Dunno if we will be able to make the open house at all, but we will come and visit. Maybe with baby in tow!


Its awesome having your own space. I love our apartment. Nice neighbors help too lol