Monday, December 8, 2008

Whoa, hello end of semester...

As I sit here studying my brains out for New Testament Survey, it hits me that I will be leaving this place soon. Only 13 days left!

I have been asked to share the sermon at my church the Sunday after I get home. I am so excited to share what the Lord has done in my life this semester. I pray it will be an encouragement to the congregation. Pray with me, that God will give me words to say in time, as I currently don't have the time to sit down and properly prepare. The Lord is faithful, and I know that He will not leave me to do this on my own strength. He has something to say to his people, and I'm sure He will show up on behalf of himself!

This semester the Lord has been teaching me about grace, his unfailing, unmeasurable grace. He has shown me who he is and who I am in comparison. There is such joy in relationship to the God of Love. You cannot separate his love from his grace. I wrote a poem about this... enjoy :) It blows my mind how much he loves us and sacrificed just to be with us.

You came to the humble
crawling into skin
loving from the inside.
Fully persuaded
by this we would know.
Compassionate Stranger!
Don't you know the rules?
I am lowly, dark and empty
with no keys to your heart.
Leave me to suffer, I love you too much.
Weeping for the pain I caused you...
How can there be no other way?
Oh, the depth of you
that this is the pinnacle of history!
Soul, receive thy charity!
Unashamed to be redeemed,
bought with the price only perfect love would afford.

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andrea k. said...

woah, hello blog updater of the day!!
ich hab dich lieb! and if it was not a sunny lovely day, i'd gladly wish you a hearty 'schlaf lecker!' unfortunately it is not, albeit i think it quite nice that it is. you know? har har.
i am glad we can be blogging friends. it is so literary, so all-around fun of us to do such a thing. i am also glad you are a poet. i did not even know it.
and i am pretty sure this is the longest blog comment i've ever attempted. but you're worth it.