Monday, January 19, 2009

I usually try to avoid Winter

... so far that hasn't worked too well this year. It's been in the negatives all week, but today we had a heat stroke! Positive ten degrees! :( Where everything in your nose freezes the second you walk outside. I'm sure Annie knows how that is. More snow on the way... ugh.

I am ridiculously well taken care of. God loves me and it's apparent. Being home reminds me how blessed I am to be surrounded with warmth of friends and family. God has been doing some amazing things in my heart, and we are on a new journey. Trying to move past things that are long past due. But I am sure of the victory. At the moment, I've got my toes dipped in the water, soon to be submerged.

Winter does things to people's minds. There's no beauty to look at, no sun to warm up your thoughts. I can't even go to my favorite places to pray for fear of frostbite. I see it all around me. I wish I knew the answers to those who struggle so much around me. So I offer my friendship and my love, praying it gives hope on those long days of darkness.

I nearly forgot this is what Lima is like.
Like a vacuum.

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sharon said...

don't get sucked in! spring is right around the corner.